The Bittersweet Life SHARE-A-THON

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If you’ve been listening to the most recent episodes of my podcast, The Bittersweet Life, you know we’re running a summer SHARE-A-THON! We're on a mission to boost our subscriber list. Why?

Firstly, the whole purpose of our show is to reach as many like-minded adventurers, expats (past, present, and future), and dreamers as we can. Our goal is to inspire others to live a more adventurous life, whether that entails moving abroad, traveling more, or just stepping out of their comfort zone. We also pass on the knowledge of the expats and writers whom we interview, and in the process, gain new insight and perspective from the many listeners who write to us and interact with us on social media.

On the more practical side, more subscribers equals more potential revenue for us. Since my fearless co-host and producer, Katy Sewall, and I do all the work ourselves to bring this podcast to you free every Monday morning (amounting to hours and hours of work per week), it would be nice to get paid for it now and then. Viva solvency!

And so, how to increase our subscribers? We have decided to turn to the most important people in our world: our listeners! We figured that if every one of our listeners could get at least five of their friends to subscribe to the show, that would amount to an exponential increase in subscribers!

It's so easy to participate; here's how it works: Just get 5 of your friends to subscribe to The Bittersweet Life podcast, and you’ll be automatically entered into a drawing to win a copy of my recently published book, Midnight in the Piazza! An additional copy of the book will be awarded to the listener who gets the most people to subscribe.

In addition, everyone who participates will get EXCLUSIVE access to our forthcoming and super-fun {Truth or Dare} episode! Feel free to send us vile and personal questions and/or a silly act to perform out in the world, and we will reward you by humiliating ourselves for your entertainment—all caught on tape. The episode will only be available to listeners who participated in the Share-a-thon, getting at least five people to subscribe. (NB. Sending dares and questions is NOT obligatory for participation.)

Once your five or more friends have subscribed to the show, simply send us an email at bittersweetlife {at} mail {dot} com, and tell us their first five names. We will believe you because we're like that. (Plus we have the greatest listeners, so we trust you guys.) Alternatively, you can Tweet us their names @bittersweetpod and include the hashtag #thebittersweetlove. It's that simple!

Actually, we've made it even simpler. Since we know you have busy lives, we’re going to make participating in the Share-a-thon virtually no-effort for you. If you don't feel like typing out an email or coming up with a Facebook post, simply copy and paste the message below (created by one of our devoted listeners) into an email or directly onto a Facebook post. Send it to or share it with all of your contacts. If you want to add a visual punch to your post or email, feel free to use any of the images on this page. They are all copyright-free.

The Share-a-thon is on until September 1st, so there’s no time to lose! Thanks so much for participating and we can't wait to hear from you!

Sample Share-a-thon letter; feel free to modify:

I love The Bittersweet Life podcast. It's a show about dreaming. About traveling. About stepping outside your comfort zone.

Hosts Katy Sewall and Tiffany Parks have great chemistry with one another, they host thoughtful and interesting guests, and I am always entertained.

Right now they are running a contest and I NEED YOUR HELP. To be entered to win a prize I need to get five of my friends to subscribe to their podcast, The Bittersweet Life podcast.

It's a great show with the perfect length episodes. I listen to one for every 30-minute walk. Please consider subscribing and giving it a try. It helps them keep their show going, helps me win prizes, and it will add to your life as well. I promise.

Just search for “The Bittersweet Life” wherever you get your podcasts – and let me know if you have trouble, I will help you!

Here's a quick video that shows you how to subscribe to a podcast if you've never done it before.

And if you do subscribe (you should), let me know so I can keep track of my people and get entered to win.

I am crossing my fingers that you'll help me. Thanks friends!