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When I was seven years old, I learned that I was part-Italian through my maternal grandmother. I knew then that sooner or later I would end up in Italy. My passion for Italian opera, art, and language only fanned the flames of this dream, and I finally took the plunge. After growing up in Seattle, and studying opera in Boston and Montréal, I quit my job, sold my belongings, and moved to Rome (with no contacts, job, or plan). I fell instantly in love with the history, beauty, and—dare I say it—magic of this fascinating city. Rome became, quite literally, my muse.

I am passionate about sharing culture, history, art, and travel—and in particular the marvels of Rome—whether it be through books for young readers, articles for the adventurous-minded, podcasts for aspiring expats, or guided tours for curious travelers. Words—both written and spoken—are my vehicle of choice, allowing me to transport both myself and my audience across the world or back in time.

The true passion of my heart is crafting stories for young readers. The books that we read as children stay with us forever, and influence our reading preferences (and our lives) for years to come. I am honored to have the opportunity to write for this inquisitive and open-minded audience. My first book, Midnight in the Piazza, is an art mystery for Middle Grade readers (ages 8-12) and will be published by HarperCollins Children's on 6 March 2018.

I am also a travel writer and editor, with over seven years' experience in the field. I head up the editorial team at Where Rome magazine, and as a freelancer, my articles have appeared in a number of international publications, from the Sydney Morning Herald to The Wall Street Journal's expat blog. I am also the co-host and co-creator of The BitterSweet Life, a podcast dedicated to the joys and frustrations of the expat experience. I have been musing about Rome's art, history, culture, customs, quirks, and curiosities on my personal blog, The Pines of Rome, since 2010.

In addition, I lead private city tours around Rome, focusing on off-the-beaten-path sites, the underground city, lesser-visited museums, and themed walks on Bernini, Borromini, and Caravaggio. When I'm not writing, reading, recording, or leading a tour, I can usually be found exploring Rome’s monuments and museums with my Roman husband Claudio and my little redhead Aurelio.

I am represented by John Silbersack at Trident Media Group.

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