The Bittersweet Life – Episode 211: SIRENUSE

Episode 211 SIRENUSE Blog.png

Here's a question for you: What happens when you resist your destiny, only to accept it at last, and discover that it brings you more joy than you could have imagined? I suppose first you have to believe in destiny, which is certainly not a given. 

This week, Katy interviews Antonio Sersale, son of one of the four founding siblings of the legendary Le Sirenuse Hotel in Postiano on the Amalfi Coast. From a young age, Antonio was groomed to take over the family business of running the hotel, but he resisted for many years, convinced that the life of a hotelier wasn’t for him. 

Then, one day he changed his mind. During a recent stay at this exquisite boutique hotel overlooking its namesake Sirenuse Islands, Katy interviewed Antonio about what changed his mind and—more importantly—what it is about his job that he loves more than he could ever have dreamed of as a young man. 

Listen in to their fascinating conversation, and consider what could be waiting for you in your own life, if you would simply say “yes.”

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Wonder what the hotel is like? Check out the (very cute) video below: