Roma in Bianco: Snow in Rome, Part 2

That last time it snowed in Rome, it was the first time in 24 years. That was less than two years ago. No one was expecting it again so soon, especially because, as they say, a Roma nevica ogni morte di papa ("in Rome it snows every death of a pope"--not really translatable. Similar to our "once in a blue moon"). Just like last time, I took about a zillion photos, so here are some highlights.

This is what we woke up to. It was so quiet and peaceful.

 Belli in the snow.

Maritino was the first to venture out and captured this gorgeous shot of the Tiber Island.

St. Peter's is so high, there's snow on it!

 I didn't realize that I wanted to go sledding until I saw all the other kids doing it (in the Circus Maximus).

 Lots of snowball fights going on at the Colosseum.

 Can barely recognize the Roman Forum.

Lovely, snowy pines of Rome.

 I came, I saw, I got snowed on.

Although, inch per inch we got more snow this time around (my guess is 5-6 inches, quite a lot for here) I was much more thrilled when it snowed in 2010, simply because it hadn't happened for nearly a quarter of a century. Plus, in 2010 I was out when it was (very heavily) coming down, whereas most of the snow fell over night this year. If you missed my photos from last time, when I ran to the Pantheon the moment I woke up to see the snow falling through the occulus (although my poor camera had a hard time capturing it), you can find them here.

All photos by author, author's husband, or author's friend, and posted with permission.