Words, Words, Words: Leccornia

It's funny how I can get on a roll with blogging, pounding out several posts in a week, and then all it takes is few days of laziness and procrastination and I haven't blogged in 3 weeks! My apologies, bloglings, it won't happen again! I'll make this a short post, to get my feet wet again. Even though I went to two amazing exhibits this week and I am dying to share them with you!

In the meantime, how about this for a great word: Leccornia. It means delicacy, morsel, or something simply divine to eat. Something scrumptious. Something mouth-watering. (As usual, English can't quite do it justice.)

It comes from the word lecco, which means "I lick", as in "finger-licking goodness". OK, I completely made that up. I don't know the etymology of the word, all I know is that I like it. It doesn't necessarily refer to something sweet, but in my mind it does. To me, a leccornia looks like this:

Or like this:

Or maybe this:

This post is in perfect timing with my New Year's Resolution to give up sugar!*

Let's try this out in a sentence: Lecco le mie dita ogni volta che mangio una leccornia. (I lick my fingers everytime I eat a delicacy.)

*Translation: to cut back on sugar

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