Seen in Rome: Priests like Gelato too

Rome is a place brimming with photo opportunities, from nuns buying corkscrews at Ikea to gladiators in the metro, not to mention the real wonders. Now, I am extremely far from being even a decent photographer (well, maybe I'm half-way decent. If you meet me on the street and ask me to take your photo, I will make sure you are roughly in the center, and that you can see whatever is behind you that you are posing with, and not, say, the pavement. It will most likely be in focus and my finger will not be in the shot. That's about all I can promise).

Still, in Rome, even half-way decent amatuer photographers can come up with some good shots. One of my all-time favorites is the waiter at Pizzeria ai Marmi with 8 pizzas in his hands. Another personal fave is the graceful traffic cop in Piazza Venezia. Problem is, I never carry my camera around with me anymore as I did my first year here, so all the interesting photos I have date from that period. I will try, beginning next week, to carry my tiny camera at all times, and post a new photo every Tuesday. Hopefully this will have the added bonus of keeping my eyes ever open to the details all around me, sometimes beautiful, sometimes hilarious, but always picturesque.