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THE BITTERSWEET LIFE is a Rome-based podcast exploring the joys and frustrations of the expat experience. Your hosts on this journey have two very different points of view on the “dolce vita.” Katy Sewall lived in Rome for a year and is now back in her home town of Seattle. She was changed by her experience as an expat, and is itching to find a way to move back to Italy. I moved to Rome over 12 years ago with no real plan. I'm still here, still in love with this magical city, but for me, Rome has become more real. I'm now an Italian citizen, with an Italian husband and half-Italian bambino. I experience the city more like a local than an expat, for better or for worse.

How did Katy and I find each other? We met on the school bus in the 6th grade, and we've been friends ever since. After decades of living across the world from one another, we were lucky enough to reconnect in Rome, where Katy, a seasoned radio professional, got the idea to launch this podcast.

Whether you're an adventurous expat or a happy homebody, whether you've repatriated after living abroad or are currently planning your next adventure, join us weekly for unadulterated, unscripted conversation.  Get to know Rome and hear about the challenges that every expat faces. Laugh at our embarrassments and learn from our mistakes. Listen to the experiences of our guests, most of them expats, former expats, or would-be expats. Most of all, imagine the possibilities for your own life.

New episodes every Monday.