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Where to Have {Outdoor} Aperitivo in Rome

"La bella stagione" (as Italians call it) is well and truly here, so it's time to indulge in that delightful rite of Italian summer, the aperitivo. When the sun starts to lower in the Roman sky and the city lights up with that afternoon glow that has seduced so many poets, Italians snag tables at sidewalk bars and rooftop cafés to take part in an outdoor aperitivo. With a wealth of appetizers and finger foods provided complimentary with the price of a single drink, Italian aperitivo gives “happy hour” a whole new meaning.

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Foodies, Rejoice! Taste of Roma Kicks off at the PDM

After months of hype, Rome's favorite restaurant festival is finally here! Taste of Roma kicks off today at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome's premier performing arts venue. This festival is a MUST for serious food lovers, especially of the gourmet variety. Let's face it, precious few of us can afford to dine at La Pergola or Imàgo every other weekend, but this festival gives us 99-percenters a chance to eat some of the very best food in the city. The highest echelons of haute cuisine come out for this event, so if fine dining is your passion, do not miss it.

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Seen in Rome: Palle del Nonno?

Knowing the Roman habit for eating any and every part of the animal (someday I'll explain what pajata is) and their lack of qualms about consuming equines (yes, they eat horse here, there is even babyfood made of horse!), I wouldn't have been surprised if the label was literal, although they do seem a little big. Luckily I read fine print: puro suino, pure swine. Ah, that makes it much better, doesn't it?

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